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Pino’s is, and always will be, a family-owned and operated restaurant in Pittsburgh.  We believe it is one of our greatest strengths, as it creates an atmosphere that elevates our restaurant from a place you eat to a place you gather with loved ones.


Pino’s is spearheaded by Joe, aka Chef Pino, and Jen Mico, the husband-and-wife duo that has made and sustained Pino’s great success. Through 27 years of marriage and 25 years as business partners, Joe and Jen complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses while sharing the responsibilities and challenges of owning a business and raising a family.  Their partnership functions like, shall we say, a well-oiled sauté pan!


Jen oversees everything that’s not cooking and plating the dishes themselves; on any given night you can see her greeting customers, suggesting wine and food pairings, and doing a million other things with great ease.  However, her original path had nothing to do with the culinary world, in fact, she worked for an environmental engineering consulting firm.  The wine menu is Jen's pride and joy and reflects her pursuit of wine education through the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Jen's wine selections reflect her interest in smaller wineries with a particular focus on less-known varietals. It is a challenging and rewarding task for Jen to bring different experiences to the guests of Pino’s.


Chef Pino is equally devoted to his career.  Since his early entrepreneurial days, his mission is to impress guests beyond their expectations.  Italian-born and chef-trained, Pino offers the wonderful flavors of traditional Italian food, prepared with classic French techniques and filtered through his contemporary vision of expressive presentations, lighter construction, and very fresh ingredients. He never stops learning and innovating new ways to gastronomically delight our patrons! When not in the kitchen, you can find him at the East Liberty Market shopping for local produce, which he uses to make everything from scratch, from pastries to mayonnaise.


Jen and Joe, as well as all of us here at Pino’s, are united to the melding of the traditional with the modern through excellent wine, food, and service.  We at Pino’s pride ourselves on providing a happy and memorable experience for all patrons, and hope that you enjoy coming in as much as we enjoy having you!


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​  Tuesday - Thursday 4 - 9 pm

  Friday & Saturday 4 - 10 pm

  Closed Sunday & Monday


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